Rare Earth Service


Rare Earth offers the following construction materials testing and site investigation services.

NATA accredited testing laboratory

  • Quality and production control testing to VICROADS, DSG, AS1141 and AS1289
  • Moisture content testing
  • Sieve testing
  • Liquid limit testing
  • Average least dimension testing
  • Flakiness sieve testing 
  • Specific gravity testing 
  • Unit mass testing 
  • Density testing 
  • Nuclear gauge testing
  • CBR Testing
  • Full scope of accreditation is available on NATA's website: Launceston Scope, Ulverstone Scope

Field Testing

  • Dynamic cone penetrometer testing
  • Compaction testing
  • Density testing
  • Sub-grade testing to AS3798 and AS1289


  • NATA registered testing authority
  • Quarry consulting and quality assurance testing
  • Pavement investigation