Pavement Investigation

Pavement Investigation

Pavement investigations play a vital role in the design, construction and maintenance of road infrastructure.

It helps ensure that pavements are built to withstand the challenges they will face throughout the lifecycle. Leading to safer and more reliable transportation systems.

A pavement investigation involves numerous activities aimed at evaluating the current state of a pavement, identifying any issues or defects which support the design process.

Rare Earth assign the most experienced personnel to conduct Pavement Investigations for our diverse clientele. We ensure that every aspect of the investigation aligns with the clients objective while also complying to the AS 1726:2017 Australian Standard.

We customise each investigation to our client’s needs, whether it involves a single test pit or as many as 300 test pits.

Our packages included:

  • Comprehensive project management encompassing every stage from initiation to completion, including DBYD, traffic control measures, excavation work and pavement reinstatement and full laboratory testing on the selected samples and deliver a factual report summarising all discovered information.
  • Alternatively provide experience staff to examine each test pit, conduct full laboratory tests on the selected samples and deliver a factual report summarising all discovered information.

We are available to provide these services around the clock, covering all of Tasmania including Kind Island and Flinders Island, as well as serving interstate locations.

At Rare Earth we all pride ourselves on investigating the past to help build a better future.

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